DIY: how to make a cloud lamp at home

DIY: how to make a cloud lamp at home

DIY: how to make a cloud lamp at home

Do you want to bring a cloud to your room? With the DIY (Do it yourself) that I teach you today you can do it and decorate it in a very beautiful and practical way at the same time, since it will also serve as a lamp to illuminate the room. It is great in children’s rooms, for example, where you can give a magical and special touch with a soft light that will help the little ones dream much more beautiful. Do you want to know how to make it? We start!

Its very easy to make and looks very attractive and very classy,

I liked it a lot and I wanted to show it to you today. To make this cloud lamp you will need:

how to make cloud lump

The materials

  • Some paper lamps (here they have used different sizes of diameters)
  • Cotton wadding.
  • Some LED lights, can be cold white light, for example.
  • A silicone gun.
  • Glue
  • Fishing line.
cloud light matrial

The construction of the lamp, step by step

We started doing this craft. First you have to mount the paper lamps to form the structure of the cloud, this is easy and you just have to follow the manufacturer’s instructions. Then, make small clouds, or larger, of the sizes you want, with the cotton wadding you have. If you leave small pieces you can use them to fill gaps when necessary…

Shape your cotton cloud

Then, when you have the lamps mounted, you must decide how you will give your cloud. Go playing with your placement until you have it as you want, and apply hot glue with the silicone gun to stay together with that composition you want.

give a shape to your cloud

Reinforcement with fishing line

Once the glue has dried and you have attached the lamps, reinforce this structure with the fishing line to tie them well. You can use the hooks on the top to ensure the union between them.


Next, insert the string of LED lights in each lamp. Make sure you put the battery in the larger lamp with the on / off switch on the outside, which can be easily accessed from the bottom to make the task of turning on and off as simple as possible.

Paste the wadding

It is time to place the cotton of your cloud lamp. Here comes perhaps the most creative part, since you should go putting the wadding so that it is more spongy in some parts and somewhat less in others, as if it were a real cloud. Remember that you must leave a small opening to reach the lamp on and off and in case you have to change the lights at some point … And you can hang it to illuminate the room where you want to place it!

The process, in images

Then I leave you with the process of creating this cloud lamp , you will be able to see it in images in the photo gallery. As you will see, it is a simple and quick to prepare, you just have to design the shape of the lamp and create a spongy lighting with cotton, great for the room of the little ones, as I mentioned before.

When placing it, fasten with fishing line with a hook, from the ceiling, so that it hangs down . Remember to complete the entire turn of the lamps with cotton so that it looks great from where you look. I think it is much better if you put it high enough, so that it gives the feeling that you have the sky above your head …

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